Hemming Birds Ollie Bandana Drool Bib | Honeydew | luxuriously soft, absorbent, premium double gauze muslin - handcrafted in the USA
Ollie Bandana Bib in "Honeydew" // Double Gauze
Ollie Bandana Bib in "Honeydew" // Double Gauze

Ollie Bandana Bib in "Honeydew" // Double Gauze

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The Ollie Bandana is an adorable, fashionable, and functional accessory for hip little ones.  Made from the highest quality cotton double-gauze, the "Ollie" is gentle against little one's skin.  Soft, adorable, and absorbent; perfect for all day wear as a drool bib, or as a modern outfit accent. 
"Luxurious.  That's the only word I can use to describe these bibs.  One snap and my baby was rubbing her face all over it.  Not to mention the bandana style is so adorable." 
    • Made from 100% premium cotton double-gauze muslin 
    • Adjustable (two snap settings) // durable plastic KAM snaps
    • Designed to fit little ones 4 months & up
    • Machine washable
    • Handcrafted in Charleston, SC
    • This listing is for ONE Ollie bandana bibs (Honeydew)
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    Thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted. Each bib is handcrafted from hand-picked, top-quality cotton fabrics.  We go the extra step to beautifully encase raw fabric edges with a double-folded hem and mitered corners avoiding unsightly finished edges that fray and unravel.
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    Keep little ones dry in adorable style.  Ollie's are lightweight, absorbent, comfortable, and washable - there are no plastic waterproof layers. If an Ollie becomes saturated, simply swap out for a dry bib to continue keeping moisture away from baby's delicate skin.
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    Multifunctional & grow with your littles.  Perfect to catch spit up and drool as baby grows into a toddler. Ollie bandanas also double as a head kerchief to protect baby's delicate scalp from the sun, or to keep hair and sweat out of their face and eyes.  Double bonus: yes, they will even fit your medium-sized dog.  
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    Ollie Bandanas are wonderfully-unique gifts for parents-to-be.  Perfect for second (or third, fourth, etc)-time parents who have the essentials covered.  They are also wonderful as first birthday gifts; a functional, fashionable accessory that can be worn for many years!
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    All Hemming Birds products ready to ship and leave our studio in 1-3 business days. 

    proudly handcrafted in Charleston, SC.

    All Hemming Birds products are designed, handcrafted in small batches, packaged, and shipped from our studio in Charleston.



    We have gradually phased out all of our other bibs and pretty much only use the hemming birds now. We love the quality and fit of these. The side snap is also helpful and I love that it's a snap and not scratchy velcro.

    Delaune C.

    These products are beautifully designed and well thought out. The fabric is soft and absorbent which makes for a perfect washable, re-useable bib.

    Wyoming, OH

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