Spring 2017 is here!

New colors, bundles, and gift sets. Perfect for spring.


The "Ollie" Bandana Bib

Unbelievably soft.

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The "Charlie" Snap Bib

A fresh take on a classic style.

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The Essential Burp Cloth

Soft, absorbent cotton muslin + multifunctional countered shaped.

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Help us fight blood cancers

Hemming Birds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


We make beautifully crafted essentials for little ones

Classic snap bibs, muslin bandana bibs, contoured burp cloths. Made in small batches, right here in Charleston, SC.

We're Different. And Proud Of It.

Here's Why:

Charlie Bib // Little Flamingo
  • Premium Materials

    The moment you touch one of our products, you can feel the difference.  We source unique materials like double-gauze muslin, organic cotton, and premium fleece from all over the world to find the perfect blend of comfort and durability.

  • Amazingly Cute Prints

    We're always searching for the most unique and adorable fabrics so that you can always find a match for the little ones in your life.  We believe that every occasion is special, so why not dress for it!

  • Machine Washable

    Let's be honest - little ones are messy!  Very messy.  We've design every one of our products to be machine washable for everyday use and abuse.  This means fabrics that don't fade, deform, or pill, and construction techniques that are amazingly durable.

  • Durable Construction

    Since we want your to wear our products for every occasion, we made them extremely tough.  Premium materials, top stitching, high quality POM plastic snaps, and pre-washed fabrics are just a few of the tricks we use.

Enjoy the little moments.

We believe that the everyday essentials of child care should be stylish and fun. Little ones are messy. Very messy. We are here to help you embrace these little joys of parenthood.

What our customers are saying. . .

These products are beautifully designed and well thought out. The fabric is soft and absorbent which makes for a perfect washable, re-useable bib.

We have gradually phased out all of our other bibs and pretty much only use the hemming birds now. We love the quality and fit of these. The side snap is also helpful and I love that it's a snap and not scratchy velcro.

These bibs are so stinkin' cute!! I put them on the babies I nanny for constantly - I love how they actually look adorable and also catch messes from babies learning to feed themselves :) I always have a few on hand for baby shower gifts and toddler birthdays!

I love these bibs! I bought them for my first and now for my second kiddo. My son is on the chubbier side (God bless chubby babies!) and bandana bibs are the best fit. But the Charlie bibs are awesome and so cute and soft on his skin. I always buy these for friends when they are pregnant with their first kid.