Our Story

I'm Yana!  I'm the founder and designer of Hemming Birds.  
I've always loved crafting things by hand, but it wasn't until the birth of my nephew that I started handcrafting baby items.  After all the styles of bibs that my sister-in-law tried fell short of her expectations, I drafted my own pattern that combined all of the aspects of each that worked.  The final result - the Charlie bib.

Shortly after launching in 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign, I quit my job to pursue HB full time.  I'm thrilled by the response to our handcrafted items by fellow parents and the wonderful folks who gift them to their loved ones.  

I know firsthand the need for beautiful, well-made baby items that stand up to regular use.  In fact, many of our original test Charlie bibs are still in use by my youngest little lady.

 I LOVE to connect to other creative entrepreneurs. 

Want to collaborate?  Email us at info@hemming-birds.com.  

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[photos by Caroline Edwards]