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Ollie Bandana Bibs

Handcrafted for little ones:

Luxuriously soft 100% cotton double-gauze muslin is lightweight, comfortable, yet extremely absorbent.  Adjustable (two snap settings) and machine washable - designed to grow with your little one and get softer over time.

Handcrafted for parents:

Little ones are sweet, snuggly. . . and incredibly messy. Bandana bibs are designed to be worn all day to help keep drool and spit up off your sweet ones outfits.  When they become saturated, throw them in the laundry and swap for a dry one.  Easy as that. Clean, dry outfits mean fewer outfit changes.  

Handcrafted in the USA:

All of our products, including Ollie Bandana Bibs, are handcrafted right here in South Carolina.  We take pride in what we make, and we love making them. Quality material and careful sewing mean Ollie's are beautifully made and designed to withstand everyday use.