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    • How long will it take to receive my item?
      • Unless otherwise specified, all items are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP. Most orders are shipped within 2-5 business days, sometimes faster. 
      • If you need your item ASAP send an email to info@hemming-birds.com and we'll try to help best we can.
    • What is the best way to care for my new Hemming Birds items?
      • HB items are all MACHINE WASHABLE!  While we design beautiful, high quality products they are intended to be functional. 
      • All fabric is pre-washed prior to sewing to minimize uneven shrinking. 
      • All of our products are fully machine-washable.    
      • We DO NOT RECOMMEND using chlorine bleach on any items.
      • We also do not recommend fabric softeners; these reduce absorbency of cotton materials. 
    • Specific product care instructions:
      • CHARLIE SNAP BIBS: Machine was cold or warm, tumble dry. Note: wash bibs un-snapped, this reduces wear on the fabric around snaps. 
      • OLLIE BANDANA BIBS: Machine wash cold, delicate if possible.  Tumble dry low; remove promptly.  If possibly, before throwing into the dryer separate the two layers of fabric (turn the triangle bib into a square); we've found this to be the best way to care for Ollie Bibs.
        • Double gauze will soften after washing.  If not removed promptly, it will wrinkle - however a quick ironing will bring it back to peak form.
        • To keep the material soft, we do NOT recommend air-drying. 
      • HB CLUTCH: Machine wash cold, delicate. Tumble dry low (or air dry).  Iron if needed; DO NOT LET HOT IRON TOUCH LINING MATERIAL (it will melt).  Lining can also be wiped clean with soap or sterilizing solution if needed. 
    • What in the world is a bandana bib anyway?
      • Bandana bibs are cute, functional baby accessories.  Babies are drooly, spitty-uppy creatures and the last thing you need to do is change their outfits multiple times a day.  Bandana bibs are absorbent, so they are prefect to keep your little ones clean and dry.  Secondly, the bandana shape doesn't interfere with/drag on the floor when baby is crawling.  Very important - please supervise your baby while they are wearing a bib (or really, at all times) and REMEMBER to remove bibs before putting baby to sleep!  
    • What age are HB bibs and bandana bibs intended for?
      • Both Charlie snap bibs and Ollie bandana bibs are sized to fit little ones from 3-4 months old through 2-3 years old.  Just to give you an idea, our first baby model (Miss H) still occasionally wears a Charlie bib - and the Ollie bibs, which our baby model Miss E started wearing at 3 months old, are big enough to fit around an adult women's neck on the larger snap setting.  Keep in mind that after babys' necks go through their chubbification (you know, from doing nothing but eating and sleeping) once they become more active, they actually start to thin out.