HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options
HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options
HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options
HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options
HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options
HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options

HB Fabric Mask | Adult L | Multiple Color Options

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After multiple revisions and a lot of research we have put together a thoughtfully designed, machine washable, non-medical fabric face mask. 

Available in three sizes to accommodate (almost) the entire family, masks are small-batch crafted in Charleston, SC using carefully selected, high thread count, tightly woven cotton material. Masks are available in a variety of fabric patterns, note that the tie color and lining fabrics may vary but will coordinate with the exterior fabrics. 

Feedback from medical professionals and citizens led us to develop a mask with ties that go behind the head, rather than around your ears, both to allow for a perfect fit (since ear loops are not adjustable) AND to make the masks more comfortable. Second, adding a nose wire creates a tighter seal around your face.  

Our goal is to provide a helpful, useful, affordable product - we've priced our fabric masks to just cover our costs. On that note, we ask that you do not use any discount code when ordering masks. 

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  • two layers of tightly-woven 100% cotton material
  • bendable, coated aluminium nosewire
  • soft, jersey fabric tie (95% cotton, 5% spandex) that is adjustable and ties behind your head. 
    • top loop is connected, tighten by pulling down through the channels at the mask ends and then tie behind your neck
  • THREE color options: note the lining material and ties may vary from photos
    • grey dot (ivory ties, citron lining)
    • citron (denim blue ties, white + blue patterned lining)
    • cobalt (ivory ties, citron lining)

Sizing: fabric masks are available in three sizes, ranging from kids age 3 through adults (note: the CDC doesn't recommend masks for kids 2 and under). Kid sizes fit roughly age 3 through around 8. 

  • kids (age 3-8ish): side to side 6.75" | top of nose to chin 5"
  • adult S: side to side 7.25" | top of nose to chin 6"
  • adult L: side to side 8.25" | top of nose to chin 6.5"

Care instructions: Wash on hot and tumble dry. Iron if necessary. Make sure that the mask is completely dry before putting on.  

Use instructions: Wash hands before putting mask on.  Make sure the exterior is facing out.  Place mask on face, and pull tie over top of head.  If needed, pull the ties down through the channels to tighten top strap.  Next, tie bottom strap behind neck.  Finally, push down on the nose wire to fit snugly against face.  Breathe in and out normally - if the mask is fit properly you will see/feel the fabric pull in when you breathe in (a sign air is going through the mask and not just around the outer edges). 

Remove mask carefully, preferably with clean hands. 

Disclaimer: These are non-medical fabric masks and are not direct substitutes for N95 or surgical masks and are not FDA approved.  Masks are final sale and cannot be returned. 

proudly handcrafted in Charleston, SC.

All Hemming Birds products are designed, handcrafted in small batches, packaged, and shipped from our studio in Charleston.



We have gradually phased out all of our other bibs and pretty much only use the hemming birds now. We love the quality and fit of these. The side snap is also helpful and I love that it's a snap and not scratchy velcro.

Delaune C.

These products are beautifully designed and well thought out. The fabric is soft and absorbent which makes for a perfect washable, re-useable bib.

Wyoming, OH

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