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Oh hi!  Welcome to our store.


Hemming Birds is a creative collaboration between two sister-in-laws, Yana Wieckowski and Jennifer Wieckowski.  With decades of combined sewing experience, attention to detail, and creativity in design, we are determined to create beautiful, high-quality products for kids. Our style is colorful and modern, with a touch of vintage.  Everything we make is functional and durable - we are moms, we know kids are messy creatures!

Hemming Birds Boutique's premier collection was launched in Spring 2014 through a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign.  Our 30-day campaign was fully-funded in only 17 days!  In the end, we sold over 60 little girl bags and 130+ bibs in under a month.  

Since then, we've been featured in the local media and on blogs (see PRESS) and have been spotted around Charleston selling HB products at many of the premiere artist markets (see LOCAL for upcoming events and retail locations).  

All Hemming Birds Boutique items are designed and handcrafted in Charleston, SC.  

We use only high-quality designer fabrics and other materials that we hand-select and test.  Also, all of our items are safety tested to ensure that they are not only beautiful and functional, but that they are safe for your little ones to enjoy!



The "hemming birds."

Yana - Co-founder/Designer/Maker Jennifer - Co-founder/Designer/Maker
Yana has been a maker as long as she can remember.  She discovered her passion at age 6 when she and her neighbor (with the help of Yana's mom) made matching tropical bird appliqué t'shirts decorated with puffy paints (hey, it was the 80's).  Yana is currently "on sabbatical" from a her career as a biologist (she holds a doctorate in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan) to launch Hemming Birds.  In addition to designing and hand making Hemming Birds items, Yana also is the business manager, video editor, photographer, and graphic designer. It was clear from the minute Jennifer finished her first sewing project (a kindle cover for her mom) that she had natural talent.  Jennifer is "on sabbatical" from a career as a Registered Nurse (she spent 10 years in critical care followed by one year in fertility care, where she works with her husband (Dr. Awesome - see below)).  In addition to designing and hand making Hemming Birds items, Jennifer is also a talented photographer, pattern designer, blogger, and sales/marketing contributor.


Our support staff & Inspiration.
Michael - Marketing Consultant  Peter - Dr. Awesome Hannah - Ball of Energy Elizabeth - Little Lady Matthew - Little Dude

Consultant/advisor on anything business, design, website, and photography related. Michael is the owner/operator of Canopy Design lab, an engineering software and hardware firm.  He also has been known fly airplanes (real and RC), play some hockey, and bake the occasional loaf of bread from scratch.

An embryologist by day, Peter harbors secret artistic talent. . and thus is an honorary HB design consultant and photographer.  When he's not making humans in the lab, you may find Peter in his garage repairing his latest project car, deep frying chicken wings, or flying planes (real and RC) with his brother. 

Miss Hannah is the latest addition to the Wieckowski crew.  She came screaming into the world the day after Christmas of 2012 and our lives have been brighter ever since.  H LOVES two things - being outside and her dog, Stanley!  Like Elizabeth, she is also and official HB model and product tester.  Lately, you can find her testing the limits of fabric washability.       

Miss E joined us in Fall of 2012 and our lives have been sweeter ever since.  With the cutest blonde curls and bright blue eyes ever seen, we are sure she'll be breaking boys hearts in a few years (sorry, Peter). Elizabeth is also an official HB model and product tester.  She loves to carry her older brother's dominos around in her mint green June bag (which was named after her!). 

Mr. Matthew was the first HB inspiration - he joined our crazy family in May 2009.  With his keen sense of humor and infectious smile, he continues to brighten our lives every day.  Matthew LOVES the outdoors, and, if you follow us on instagram (@hemming_birds), you'll know that he also LOVES his four pet chickens!  



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You can reach us via e-mail at info@hemming-birds.com.


 We are taking wholesale orders!  Please email info@hemming-birds.com for our latest retail guide.