HB Fabric Masks


      Carefully and thoughtfully designed, crafted in Charleston.  In stock and ready to ship.  Meet the HB fabric masks.

      Small-batch crafted from two layers of high thread count fabric. Fabric choice is VERY important and not every fabric is suitable for face masks. We are using two layers of high thread count (above the minimum thread count recommended by the CDC), 100% cotton fabric.

      Ties that go behind the head, not around the ears both allow for a perfect fit (since ear loops are not adjustable) AND to make the masks more comfortable (aka, no ear fatigue). 

      A flexible, strong nose wire that holds it shape! A good quality nose wire is important to both create a tighter seal and help prevent the mask from sliding down your face when you move and speak. Nose wires are encased in 4 layers of fabric at the bridge of the mask and are made in-house from aluminum wire coated in a food-grade plastic. 

      3 products

      3 products